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Problem: to navigate backwards with TAB in Zsh similarly as in Firefox by


Example of what Shift-TAB should do

I run the following code in terminal

ls <TAB>

I get

A B C D E F G H I J K H L M N...

I see the following in Zsh as I press TAB alt text

I navigate to the folder J by TAB. Then, I observe that I pressed once too often the tab key.

How can you make a backward TAB for Zsh similar as Firefox's Shift-TAB?

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Old question... today is possible to achieve a bindkey more portable – vinipsmaker Feb 24 '14 at 4:15
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Try this:

bindkey '^[[Z' reverse-menu-complete

If this doesn't work, try running executing zsh like this (which does setopt MENU_COMPLETE):

zsh -Y

and then try again!

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This is awesome. – a paid nerd May 9 '09 at 0:25
@ypsu: Thank you for your answer! Your solution is exactly what I was looking for. – Masi May 9 '09 at 2:31
+1 Thanks from another user, this is wonderful! – gatoatigrado Jul 12 '10 at 2:17
Thank you so much. – Jack O'Connor Apr 2 '14 at 18:06

This document should give you a good explanation:

In short, few terminals support a shifted Tab, but you might be able to get your terminal to support a "backtab" key sequence which you can configure X to send.

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This is awkward. A good (and non-clean, as opposed to your suggestion) would be to make .zshrc support several querying (terminfo, zkbd, manual) backends and make your zsh work under SSH, xterm, linux console, linux raw console and whatever... but this suggestion needs to patch so many components of the OS and it will lead to non-functional zsh configuration under other systems... so awkard – vinipsmaker Feb 24 '14 at 4:08

I'm not sure exactly what you require by a backward-tab, but zsh does have an undo zle widget which undoes the effect of the last pressed keystroke, be it Tab or anything else. Use it by binding it to a key:

$> bindkey "<Ctrl-V><Shift-Tab>" undo

The means you press those key combos, don't type out the letters.

I think this is what you're asking for, but I can't tell for sure without more examples.

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I added a picture to my Question. I shows what I am trying to achieve. I backTAB, for instance, for the command cd. – Masi May 8 '09 at 7:21
Then this should work. – sykora May 8 '09 at 7:41
@sykora: It does not. It ignores the TAB completion, and undo the "d" in the command cd. – Masi May 8 '09 at 8:15
I've edited the answer to make things a bit clearer. – sykora May 8 '09 at 8:48
@sykora: I get the following code: bindkey ^[[Z undo. I put it to terminal and it gives me zsh: bad pattern: ^[[Z. – Masi May 8 '09 at 12:09

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