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I am a newbie in R, love it, but I am surprised by a complete lack of solid package to analyse motion capture data.

The simplest motion capture file is just a massive table with 'XYZ' coordinates for each point attached to a recorded subject, and for every frame captured. I know that I can find individual methods and functions in R to perform complex operations (like principal component analysis) or I can plot time series for all the points. But when I am looking for examples that could also educate me statistically about analysing human movement, and provide with nice toolbox for visual representation of data, R turns out to be a cold desert. On the other hand, MATLAB has Motion capture toolbox and MoCap Toolbox and especially the latter has quite good options for plotting and analysing the captures. But let's be honest - MATLAB has quite ugly visualisation engine comparing to R.

Some specific requests for R motion capture package would include:

  • reading, editing, visualizing and transforming mocap data
  • kinetic and kinematic analysis
  • time-series and principal component analysis
  • animating data

Am I missing something here (in my Googling) or is there really no mocap packages out there for R? Have anyone tried playing with motion capture data in R? Can you give me some directions?

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You may not be missing anything. My favo(u)rite solution, library(sos); findFn("{motion capture}"), didn't come up with anything useful. There are cultural issues: it may be possible to do cool stuff with R, but if all the cool kids who work on motion capture are using MATLAB or Python, then that's where things will get done. I would definitely take a look and see what's been done in Python, and at interfacing Python with R for any statistical heavy lifting that's not already implemented in R ... –  Ben Bolker Nov 16 '11 at 21:22
You can use the packages "forecast" and "ftsa" for timeseries and principal component analysis. –  power Nov 25 '11 at 2:45

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Judging by a quick search on RSeek, there isn't a motion capture package available for R. It looks like you'll need to find equivalents for each function. The more general ones should be fairly easy to find (interpolation, subsetting, transformation/ projection, time-series analysis, pca, matrix analysis etc) and the very process of writing your own custom functions for specific things like estimating instantaneous kinetic energy is probably the best way to learn!

You may find plyr useful for knocking the data into shape and the animation package for visualising motion.

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