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Trying to use an onmouseover event

echo $html->link("Dashboard", 
     array("onmouseover" => "Tip('Test');") );


<a href="/dashboard/index" onmouseover="Tip(&#039;Test&#039;);">Dashboard</a>

How do I prevent the link function from removing the single quotes?

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2 Answers

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Using Cake 1.2, this should definitely work:

echo $html->link('Dashboard', '/dashboard/index',
array("onmouseover" => "Tip('Test');"), null, false);

The last parameter is the escape option. It defaults to true.

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This should work:

echo $html->link("Dashboard", 
     array("onmouseover" => "Tip('Test');"),
     array('escape' => false));
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added onclick="return confirm(&#039;Array&#039;);" after the onmouseover. It went into the confirm return true/false parameter of link. –  Jack B Nimble May 2 '09 at 23:46
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