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I have 2 questions

  1. How do you do a then fetch in hql?

like in linq it would be

var allRecords = session.Query<Table1P>().FetchMany(x => x.Table2).ThenFetchMany(x => x.Table5s);
  1. How to break up a query when you have too many joins.

    var allRecords = session.Query().FetchMany(x => x.Table2).FetchMany(x => x.Table3).FetchMany(x => x.Table4).FetchMany(x => x.Table6).ToList();

how could I break this up so that it does not do it all in one go? I want to eager load but don't want to load it all in one go. I rather try to break it up.

it is often more efficient to perform several separate queries instead of a single query with several joins in it.

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Point 2 - Yeah, Ayende is right. To me it seems like the problem of the egg and the chicken: you can't have both! Are proxies and lazy load a viable way ? – mCasamento Nov 16 '11 at 20:37

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You can use futures. Here is an example:

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