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Is this right way to do:

I create a model, controller, view for localhost/users and do the same for localhost/hello-world. Now that I have two views (template designs) for controllers how can I use them in third controller like localhost/home (DashboardController in the code)?

namespace app\controllers;

use app\models\Users;
use app\controllers\HelloWorldController;

class DashboardController extends \lithium\action\Controller {

    public function index() {

        $users = Users::find('first');
        $hello = HelloWorldController::to_string();

        return compact('users', 'hello');

Do I have to style again $users and $hello in DashboardController view and in other new controllers where I want to use multiple models, or I can use their own views which I made at the beginning? This question is really bothering me, becouse I'm new in MVC and frameworks.

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Did you take a look at elements (lithify.me/docs/manual/handling-http-requests/views.wiki)? AFAIK, lithium doesn't enable HMVC. –  greut Nov 19 '11 at 15:26
Thanks, yeah, I allready figured it out. –  Mr. Sensitive Nov 23 '11 at 12:41

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If you only require sections you could use Lithium elements.

echo $this->view()->render(array('element' => 'name of element'), array('datavar' => $passingDataIn))

If you need to just render the same view again you could essentially tell the Controller method to use the view:

return $this->render(array('template' => 'dashboard/index.html.php')));
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