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I have this situation:

<select name="year" >
        $today = date("Y"); 
        for ($i=2005; $i<=$today; $i++){
            echo "<option value=\"$i\">$i</option>";

This will give me the years 2005 through 2011, ...

in zend framework a drop down will look like this:

$this->addElement('select', 'department', array(
    'label'        => 'Year:',
    'multiOptions' => array('A' => 'A', 'B' => 'B', 'C' => 'C',),
    'value'        => @$val->_listing_type_id

How can I translate my for loop script to create the years in the Zend Framework script? I know I can use the first script in Zend Framework but I want to keep the syntax consistent.

Any ideas?

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You could use range to create an array of numbers from 2005 to 2011:

'multiOptions' => range(2005, 2011),

If Zend really does expect an array where the keys/values must be the same, you can use array_combine to produce the required array:

'multiOptions' => array_combine(range(2005, 2011), range(2005, 2011))

This will produce array(2005 => 2005, 2006 => 2006, ..., 2011 => 2011).

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thanks both of you, both solutions work, though this one is faster for what i need now. Thanks again –  Patrioticcow Nov 16 '11 at 19:58

It's easier to modify elements if you have a reference to them.

$department = new Zend_Form_Element_Select('department');

Then you can modify the multiOptions array as needed:

 $today = date("Y"); 
 for ($i=2005; $i<=$today; $i++){
   $department->addMultiOption($i, $i);
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