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so I'm working on an android, project, and I've made a login security screen for the app, that the user can turn on or off because the app does contain sensitive data.

I've got code on the main activity that if the time stamp requires a login, it'll push the user to the login activity and allow them to login. The issue is that, if the user is in the app for a while, and returns to the main activity, the onResume() is called, and the PIN login could be called again due to the fact the time stamp expired.

Is there a way to check if the app came from another activity within the App, or if it came from the home screen when it was launched?

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So the real solution to this problem isn't to try to figure out how to tell where you Activity was started from, but to use an AbstractAccountAuthenticator. It has a whole bunch of stuff built in so that only the people who are supposed to see credentials are allowed to see those credentials.

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from what I've seen with the AbstractAccountAuthenticator, its a whole login system, which I've already developed one specific to the project. I just need a way to determine what loaded the App. Need to know if it was loaded from the home screen, or another Activity within the Appliaction – Sidious911 Nov 16 '11 at 20:20

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