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I'm using @Configuration in Spring 3.0.6 to use dependency injection without using .xml definition files.

I use a mixed approach for defining Controllers, I put them in the DispatcherServlet's @Configuration, using @Bean("/sample/path") and use @RequestMapping in their methods to further refine the mapping (including using it to append to the bean's path).

This works fairly well with the default HandlerMapper configuration.

Now, I want to add some HandlerInterceptors to the mix. It seems that I need to duplicate the default HandlerMapper configuration and then add my HandlerInterceptor.

However, this does not seem a great idea. Is there any way to add my HandlerInterceptor to the default HandlerMapper config?

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By "default HandlerMapper confgiuration" do you mean declaring a BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping and a DefaultAnnotationHandlerMapping beans and then setting their "interceptors" properties? In which case I don't see a lot of duplication.

An alternative would be to declare a bean of type MappedInterceptor. It is detected by type and applied to all incoming requests or limited by path patterns.

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Cool! MappedInterceptor is not mentioned in the reference manual! – alex Nov 22 '11 at 22:35

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