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I am currently using Solr to do some searching across a large amount of documents. I need to be able to, on the client-side, allow grouping of search results on the fly but I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to get this extra data I need out of Solr and pushed up to the front end.

So basically, let's say I'm searching for the following values: "Test", "Wee"

And I have the following documents in Solr:

Doc1: "This is a Test, Wee"
Doc2: "Wee"
Doc3: "This is a Test"

All 3 documents should be returned by Solr. What I'd like returned is something that contains this:

Doc1 matched on values "Test" and "Wee
Doc2 matched on value "Wee"
Doc3 matched on value "Test"

I'm a bit new to Solr so I'm having difficulty trying to figure out what to search for. Should I be using faceting for this?


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It seems you have only one field you search upon, so faceting won't really help you here (If each value came from a different field, that might be possible, what you suggested).
Instead, I suggest you take a look at highlighting utilities, which marks the matched term.

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Thanks, I was able to get highlighting working. It seems like there is extra effort as I have to parse the value out of the highlight fields but it at least works for now. – Kris Nov 21 '11 at 15:31

You can consult the output for debugQuery=true for a very in-depth look at which terms matched in which documents, and the score calculations used for sorting.

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