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I'm dealing with an sqlite db in android application. To update a row in the db I use method of SQLiteDatabase object "update"

SQLiteDatabase.update(String table, ContentValues values, String whereClause, String[] whereArgs)

But here a confusion, how "whereClause" should look like? Assume I have these values for update.

values.put("name", appInfo.getName());
values.put("package_name", appInfo.getPackageName());
values.put("version_name", appInfo.getVersionName());

I want to update a row where package_mane column equal to "com.mynamespace.db". How "whereClause" should be written here? Thanks.

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You whereClause should look like this:

String whereClause = "package_mane = ?"; // package_name perhaps?
String[] whereArgs = new String[]{"com.mynamespase.db"};

String from whereArgs are used to substitute ? in whereClause.

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db.update("table", values, "package_name = ?", new String[]{"com.mynamespase.db"});

Another example:

db.update("table", values, "package_name = ? and other_field = ?", new String[]{"com.mynamespase.db", "test"});
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You should use it like this:

SQLiteDatabase.update(table, "package_name=?", new String[] { "com.mynamespace.db" });

and prevent other problems and cache inefficiencies if you concat the string.

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db.update(TABLE_NAME, values, "package_name=com.mynamespase.db", null);

// or

String[] args = { "com.mynamespase.db" };
db.update(TABLE_NAME, values, "package_name=?", args);
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