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Im writing a script that should do this...

chroot /chroot_dir/ su -
./startup.sh (This should run within the su environment)

I have tried this approach:

chroot /chroot_dir /bin/bash -c " su -; ./startup.sh"

This tries to execute the user switching and the script as a string command to bash...however what it does, is it "stops" after "su -" and doesnt execute the script. However, once I leave the "su -" environment, it does try to run startup.sh but of course, it cant find it.

Basically I need to nest the "startup.sh" to be run inside the "su -" environment...

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot

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chroot /chroot_dir /bin/bash -c "su - -c ./startup.sh"
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thanks so much, I dont know how I didnt see this in the man page! – dgrandes Nov 17 '11 at 15:45
chroot /chroot_dir /bin/bash -x <<'EOF'
su -
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