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I execute sql queries as transactions using jdbi inTransaction() function. I would like to know how/what type of locking mechanism is used internally. additionally, is the whole table locked during the transaction or just the record that has to be updated?

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The transaction is purely at the database level. It will use the default isolation level for the database/connection unless overridden.

If you are using the inTransaction(...) method which accepts a callback, there is a form of that function which allows for you to set the isolation level:

<ReturnType> ReturnType inTransaction(TransactionIsolationLevel level,
                                      TransactionCallback<ReturnType> callback)


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Am I right in saying that the official documentation doesn't have a section (nor even an example, nor even a word!) about transactions? –  leonbloy Oct 23 '14 at 17:21
@leonbly you are correct! There also aren't any code samples in the transaction javadocs. And the transaction annotation docs are even more terse, but the annotation is super easy to use. –  Patrick M Feb 13 at 18:15

It depends on transaction isolation level. Isolation

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