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I am using XAMPP on a localhost windows VISTA m/c...using gmail as smpt server

I am trying to send an email using simple PHP script

here is the configuration details on sendmail.ini(I have the sendmail.exe and the other 2 dll in that directory) ; smtp port (normally 25)


; the default domain for this server will be read from the registry ; this will be appended to email addresses when one isn't provided ; if you want to override the value in the registry, uncomment and modify


; log smtp errors to error.log (defaults to same directory as sendmail.exe) ; uncomment to enable logging


; create debug log as debug.log (defaults to same directory as sendmail.exe) ; uncomment to enable debugging


; if your smtp server requires authentication, modify the following two lines

auth_username=xxxxxxx auth_password=xxxxxx


and I have changed the php.ini

[mail function] ; For Win32 only. ;SMTP = localhost ;smtp_port = 25

; For Win32 only. ;sendmail_from = xxxxx

; For Unix only. You may supply arguments as well (default: "sendmail -t -i"). sendmail_path = "C:\xampp\sendmail\sendmail.exe -t"

and Once I call the script it goes into waiting...for localhost... here is the debug.log...

09/05/02 17:34:41 ** --- MESSAGE BEGIN --- 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** To: 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** Subject: Form Submission Results 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** From: My Web Site 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** Reply-To: 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** Name: xxx 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** E-Mail: 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** Message: hey test message 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** --- MESSAGE END --- 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** Connecting to 09/05/02 17:34:41 ** Connected.

I am new to PHP and would like to know if there is a better way to do mail...I am not in for HTML/multipart mails with attachment now... Also i should be able to test in localhost without SMTP server installed . I would like to use GMAIL for now testing. THnks

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I strongly suggest you use a library e.g. PHPMailer. Here is their gmail example.

Another good library (which I haven't used) is SwiftMailer. Here is their gmail example.

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GMAIL needs SSL afaik.

Of free (and probably "good") php mail libraries i know Zend_Mail and Swiftmailer.

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You should also check with your ISP. A lot of them block port 25 to prevent spam.

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