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In a View, code like this will generate the right URL to jump to controller's action method based on the routes in your global.asax.cs file.

<%= Html.ActionLink("text", "action", "controller") %>

My question is how can I achieve a similar route-to-URL mapping outside a view, such as a Controller? There is no Html member on the Controller class on which to call ActionLink.

Some controller actions need to redirect the browser, and I want to redirect to a controller and action without hard-wiring the URL into the controller, which would break if I changed the way my routes mapped these URLs to controllers and actions

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i updated my response to your question. – Daniel A. White May 2 '09 at 23:19
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What you are looking for is RedirectToAction.

If you want just the url, use the Url property of the controller - its a UrlHelper.

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Thanks, Daniel. – Andrew Arnott May 2 '09 at 23:33

Use the RedirectToAction method on the controller:

return RedirectToAction( "action", "controller", new { id = redirectID } )
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Thanks. What if I just want the URL... but don't want to redirect the user? – Andrew Arnott May 2 '09 at 23:09

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