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class Parent
  has_many :children

class Child
  belongs_to :parent
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :parent

The form is the usual nested form, but from the Child's perspective:

=nested_form_for @child do |f|
  =f.fields_for :parent

I'd like to let users choose from a select menu with Parents names. And additionally enable them to create a new Parent record if needed. So how to create a Parent from the child's form if it doesn't yet exist?

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Ever solved this? – Francois Botha Dec 2 '12 at 20:48

You could use javascript to pop up the parent create form in a window/layer when the users select 'create new' from the select menu and then have the return result re-render the nested_form with the new list of parents with the newly added parent already selected.

The same principles apply without javascript, though you probably need a 'Add new parent' button that goes to the new parent form and then redirects back to the child form on creation with the new parent already selected.

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