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Is there a way to set the jquery ui date picker to only show a couple of specific months? For example I'm setting this up on a form so when a user is inquiring about availability the only months that show up on the jquery date picker are June / July?

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I was looking for this, too, and stumbled across the following. Works brilliantly, for me! :) stackoverflow.com/questions/17304900/… –  XtraSimplicity Jul 22 '14 at 1:14

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You can restrict dates by placing a max/min:


But I don't think you can't pick & choose specific months i.e. Allow May & July, but disable June

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Try this one also: very cool month and year picker. you can select only specific months: http://tinytools.codesells.com/PeriodSelector

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Try using the maxDate and minDate options.

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