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I have tried absolutely is my scenario.

I have five apps running on IIS server, each in it's own folder with the proper web.config, containing FacebookSettings with AppID, Secret, etc.

Each app uses the same Authorize logic

 var auth = new CanvasAuthorizer { Permissions = new[] { "user_about_me", "email" } };

            if (auth.Authorize())

                if (mode == "run")
                else if (mode == "runadmin")


It all works great when I hit the first app from Facebook.

Once I tried hitting the second app, it ALWAYS throws the same "Invalid signed request" error. If I change something and retry and access them in a separate order, the first app (whichever it is) always works, second to fifth always fail.

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That is cause it internally verifies the signed_request using the AppSecret for extra security. So make sure you app seceret is set correctly for both the applications.

You might want to refer to this post on how to use it for multiple applications.

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1) Make sure your config values are correct for both apps.(web.config)... I know you said both apps works it's only works first time just make sure you have different values in config.

2) Try clearing your browser cookies.

If you haven't seen this already:

Facebook API - Invalid signed request. (Invalid signature.)

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