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I am developing a program using computer vision that I want to make commercially available, but I don't want to include a lot of overhead for users when downloading it.

My skills are primarily in OpenCV. Is there a way to shrink it so that I won't need to make a user download and install OpenCV just to use it? Or is there a better library to use, so that a download of the program could be simple and pain-free to someone who's not really a "computer person"?


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Yes, just include the required OpenCV DLLs (if you're using Windows) with the application and make sure it's accessible.

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On linux link your program using the static libraries and distribute the binary. On OS X, add the libraries in the app bundle. – Simon Nov 16 '11 at 23:34

No doubt OpenCV is the best library currently available to code in C/C++ and also wrapper are available for other languages too. like JavaCV etc, and yes it is very painful to add bunch of Dlls with the software to be available with the final release.

The answer of your question depends on the type of your usage, mean the Language you use to code the program and the features you are using with your program. An image processing software application rarely uses all the features of the OpenCV or any other image processing library provides.

So if you are using just the few functions you can just add those dlls into your project release. you do not need to include all the dll files into final release. like if you do not use openCV gui features then you do not need GUI related dll file and if you just process images and don't process the movies then you do not need to add fpmeg and other avi related dll available.

And on highest cases, if this also does not solve your problem and yet you want all your code static and do not want any shared library to be used and want to make purely stand alone application then OpenCV is pretty Open Source you can see the source code and can directly embed your related functions into your final project code (too much pain full) but yet it really fulfills your need.

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