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Apologies if this is a dup, I searched but couldn't quite find the info I was looking for.

Using javascript, I want to search a string, find a tag, match attributes in the tag, and store them as variables for rewriting. Here's the part of the string I'm looking for:

<my_child name="view" gso="g--" type="Application.View">

that I'd like to convert to:


Here's the regexp I'm trying. I don't think it's actually finding a match though:

objString = objString.replace(/<my_child name="(.*)" gso="(.*)" type="(.*)">/g, '<tr><td>'+RegExp.$1+'</td><td>'+RegExp.$3+'</td><td>'+RegExp.$2+'</td><td>');


Thanks for the advice kiamlaluno. Turns out I was also not taking into account the indeterminate number of spaces between attributes. Here's the updated regexp:

/<my_child[ ]+name="([^"]*)"[ ]+gso="([^"]*)"[ ]+type="([^"]*)"[ ]*>/g, '<tr><td>$1</td><td>$3</td><td>$2</td><td>'
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you can replace




and the (.*) matches should probably be ([^"]*) instead

maybe that will help get you closer?

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Thanks, I've got it now. One of the issues was an indeterminate number of spaces between the parameters. –  gmo Nov 17 '11 at 18:23
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