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Facebook changes their API constantly, and trust me I've tried googling but everything is out of date. Even stuff from 3 months ago is out of date. The last major change was Oct 1st as in requiring SSL.

I just want to make a fan page iframe where it has a fan gate.

  1. Wildfire app seemed easiest until I realized it doesnt allow ANYTHING as far as html goes (no background urls? give me a break)

  2. I tried creating a new app but I dont have an SSL certificate. I'm thinking about creating a self signed one. will this work?

How do i integrate a fan gate into option #2?

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Whatever server you are hosting this on will need a real, paid for non-expired SSL certificate. – bkaid Nov 17 '11 at 0:19

You can use to make a psuedo-certificated version of you app, works fine with facebook.

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