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I have been using ID (capital case) in all my property names and sql column names. Now i have started to correct all code analysis warnings to enforce new coding guidelines on the team.

Is there a way to add ID to a dictionary where it wont generate warnings (such as CA1709)?

Example -

Warning 4   CA1709 : Microsoft.Naming : Correct the casing of 'ID' in member name 'City.CityID' by changing it to 'Id'.
'Id' is an abbreviation and therefore is not subject to acronym casing guideline.
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maybe even a "custom dictionary"? – Alastair Pitts Nov 17 '11 at 0:29
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I ended up adding this in a custom dictionary - and it worked. Thanks Alastair Pitts

      <Acronym>ID</Acronym>   <!-- Identifier -->

And it also helps me add other spellings which it complains about - like facebook, twitter etc.

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