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I have a WCF Rest Service. I would like to use it from Android device. To do this I have chosen gson library. Everything seemed to work fine until I wanted to return from my service Object Containing Map. Gson serializes it (and as I am assuming also tries to deserialize from it) as something like:


But the json sent by my service looks like:

     "DisplayName":"Custom Boolean",
     "DisplayName":"Custom Text",
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Gson does not have a built-in feature to serialize a Java map into JSON formatted as desired. (The feature to handle complex map keys does not address this.) Custom serialization/deserialization processing is necessary.

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The other way to do it could be adding you own implementation of Map / Dictionary which extends ArrayList, and in fact is a List of KVPair, where KVPair looks like:

class KVPair<K,V>{
    K Key;
    V Value;

I don't know if it's elegant, but it worked in my case.

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