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I have an element that contains a video player: that video player can either be Flash or HTML5 based. I want to be able to make that element fullscreen (I know, only works in webkit at the moment) and run some resizing scripts when it happens.

Here is how I do it:

this.getEl('.fullscreen').bind('click', $.proxy(function() {
}, this));

And the event listener:

this.getEl('#tpPlayer').bind('webkitfullscreenchange', function() {
    console.log('fullscreen change');
    $(this).toggleClass('tpPlayer tpPlayerFullScreen');

When #tpPlayer contains a <video> element, everything works fine: the element goes fullscreen, the event fires, the message is logged and the classes are toggled. However, when #tpPlayer contains a Flash <object>, the element goes fullscreen fine, but no event is fired (so the callback does not run either).

Why is this happening and how to avoid this?

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I am afraid that if you don't have access to the Flash code you won't be able to communicate such actions between flash and Javascript. –  Ernest Nov 17 '11 at 2:32
Well, I don't actually want to communicate anything to Flash. I run a native method on an element that happens to contain a Flash object. And that method works, it just does not fire an event it supposed to fire. –  Arnold Sakhnov Nov 17 '11 at 2:53

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