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I have a list of objects displayed in an NSTableView (bound to an NSArrayController). When you select an object in that list I want to show a detail view in a second NSTableView. My object has an array property. I can't figure out how to wire the bindings for this. binding to NSArrayController's selection doesn't work, as that's a single object, and NSTableView expects to be bound to an array...

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Create a second NSArrayController and bind its contents to the first controller using a keypath of selection.<name of your object's array property>.

So, if your first table view is displaying objects of class Person and your Person class has a children property, you would bind the second array controller to selection.children.

You need a separate array controller for each array that you want to manage in a table view.

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Thanks! this was very helpful. Now my selection property doesn't seem to be updating when the selection changes, but that's a new problem –  Kenny Winker Nov 17 '11 at 1:44
@KennyWinker did you manage to solve the selection issue? I believe I have the same, stackoverflow.com/questions/24190299/… –  hajder Jun 13 '14 at 6:00

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