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I have a page with a div id="videoFrame" that holds the video tag. The videos have variable heights so I have a function to grab the height value and plug it into the css of the div id="videoFrame" like so:

var videoHeight = $('video').attr('height');

This works great. But here's the part driving me crazy. I have a p tag with disclaimers at the bottom of the div id="videoFrame". So I would like to add an additional 26px to the returned height. I tried:

var videoHeight = $('video').attr('height');
var frameHeight = videoHeight + 26;

But as you would expect it is adding 26 to the end of the returned value. i.e. if returned value is 337 output for var frameHeight is 33726.

I can not for the life of me figure out how to do this.

Thanks in advance for any help

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$('video').attr('height') returns a string. Adding a number to a string converts the number to a string and adds the two strings which is not what you want. You want to add two numbers. So, you must convert this string to a number so you can then add two numbers:

var videoHeight = parseInt($('video').attr('height'), 10);
var frameHeight = videoHeight + 26;

There are a several ways to convert a string to a number. Here are a few of the more obvious ones.

parseInt(str, radix)

When using parseInt, always specify the radix, otherwise, it will guess based on the content of the string (which you almost never want).

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Works!! Thank you for the help, and the explanation. It's always better if you know why and not just how. – danferth Nov 17 '11 at 16:56

ParseInt before you add.

var frameHeight = parseInt(videoHeight) + 26;

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Try this.

var frameHeight = Number(videoHeight) + 26;

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you should wrap parseInt() around the videoHeight variable. try that, i hope this helps.

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You have to use parseInt

var videoHeight = parseInt($('video').attr('height'));
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var frameHeight = parseInt(videoHeight,10) + 26;
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var videoHeight = parseInt($('video').attr('height'));
var frameHeight = videoHeight + 26;
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