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I'm trying to get my mostly-fully-functional canvas Facebook app to show as a tab page in a company's profile page (which I admin). I've configured everything according to documentation, e.g. the canvas URLs Vs. the tab URLs for my app, but yet it doesn't show to the page's non-admin users; on the other hand, when I log-in as the page's admin I can see my app loading in its tab just fine.

I've verified again and again that my app is not in sandbox mode (hasn't been in it for a very long while already), so I don't understand why this is happening; in fact, when accessed through its dedicated Facebook canvas page, i.e. its URL, my application works just fine for all kinds of users.

Technically speaking, what's happening in the tab page is that when I log-in as admin, the div with id "pagelet_app_runner" gets populated with my app's content, but remains empty when logged in as a regular user. Any idea what may be going on? Am I missing some sort of hidden setting for my app to work in tab mode for all users? I didn't configure any Tab Edit URL in my app's settings because I don't have any configurable options in my app; also, I'm not doing any handling of signed_requests sent by Facebook, but I don't figure that's the problem because, again, I can see the app loading just fine when I log-in as the page's administrator.

Thanks in advance for any help!

  • jmpp
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Please try to improve readability by using paragraphs and styling. – Anne Nov 17 '11 at 1:47
Split the question into paragraphs, but I don't know how I can improve it with styling since I'm not embedding any code, URLs or anything of the sort. Anything in particular you find difficult to parse and/or understand about my question? Do you have an answer for it? Thanks! – jmpp Nov 17 '11 at 2:14

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