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I'm trying to get my mostly-fully-functional canvas Facebook app to show as a tab page in a company's profile page (which I admin). I've configured everything according to documentation, e.g. the canvas URLs Vs. the tab URLs for my app, but yet it doesn't show to the page's non-admin users; on the other hand, when I log-in as the page's admin I can see my app loading in its tab just fine.

I've verified again and again that my app is not in sandbox mode (hasn't been in it for a very long while already), so I don't understand why this is happening; in fact, when accessed through its dedicated Facebook canvas page, i.e. its apps.facebook.com/theAppName URL, my application works just fine for all kinds of users.

Technically speaking, what's happening in the tab page is that when I log-in as admin, the div with id "pagelet_app_runner" gets populated with my app's content, but remains empty when logged in as a regular user. Any idea what may be going on? Am I missing some sort of hidden setting for my app to work in tab mode for all users? I didn't configure any Tab Edit URL in my app's settings because I don't have any configurable options in my app; also, I'm not doing any handling of signed_requests sent by Facebook, but I don't figure that's the problem because, again, I can see the app loading just fine when I log-in as the page's administrator.

Thanks in advance for any help!

  • jmpp
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Please try to improve readability by using paragraphs and styling. – Anne Nov 17 '11 at 1:47
Split the question into paragraphs, but I don't know how I can improve it with styling since I'm not embedding any code, URLs or anything of the sort. Anything in particular you find difficult to parse and/or understand about my question? Do you have an answer for it? Thanks! – jmpp Nov 17 '11 at 2:14

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