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I can't get my Aquamacs 2.4 (Emacs) to follow the Kohana style:

Emacs in php-mode replaces tabs with spaces. I want to disable this and use tab-characters for the indention.

I tried many solutions like this, but none works for me:

(require 'php-mode)
(setq php-mode-force-pear t)
(add-hook 'php-mode-hook
      '(lambda ()
         (setq indent-tabs-mode t)
         (setq tab-width 4)
         (setq c-basic-offset 4)))

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, David

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That should do the job:

(setq c-default-style "bsd"
      c-basic-offset 4)

cf How to configure Emacs (v 23) with nxhtml to follow Kohana coding standards?

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If you are looking for tabs for indentation and spaces for alignment then you can use SmartTabs.
(---> is a tab, . is a space)

function example()

--->if ($condition)
--->--->$arr = array('One',
--->--->.............'Two'); // Tabs for indent, spaces for alignment.

See emacswiki and github for installation details.

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