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trying to gather a collection of objects:

set = [model1].objects.all().filter([model2]__in=[model3].[model2]_set)

but I get a

TypeError at [url]
'ManyRelatedManager' object is not iterable 

when I try to do this. Models 2 and 3 are related via a ManyToMany field in Model 2 through a fourth model that has both models as fields.

Any obvious workarounds?

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I believe your problem is in [model2]__in=[model3].[model2]_set the correct form would be

set = [model1].objects.all().filter([model2]__in=[model3].[model2]_set.all())
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yup, figured that out right before you posted. – fox Nov 17 '11 at 3:17

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