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I have rows in a table that I need to order by date. Easy enough, use the date datatype to store them, ORDER BY date blah blah.

However, I'm trying to get these rows, and easily convert the date to MonthName, Year

If I had stored a row's date as 2011-11-16, I would want to extract this (using PHP) and print out:

 November, 2011
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Try this SELECT DATE_FORMAT(date,'%M %Y') AS showdate FROM table

Use this site http://www.mysqlformatdate.com/ to get the (mysql) date format you want

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SELECT DATE_FORMAT(date_col, '%M, %Y')
FROM   tbl
-- WHERE ??
ORDER  BY date_col;

The manual knows more about that.

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In SQL you could get

SELECT year(DBDate), month(DBDate) FROM dates ORDER BY DBDate

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Try this in php:

<?=format_date($column_name['date'],"M, Y")?>
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Once you get date in mysql, use this in php

$date = mysql_result(mysql_query("SELECT date FROM table"),0,0);
echo date("F, Y", strtotime($date));
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