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I am sure that this is a PNG image in RGB colors and a alpha channel (look at the shadow below the icon), but this file mysteriously works with IE6 w/o any special CSS hack (though it seems the alpha channel is being replaced by 2-bit mask in IE6).

Can anyone tell me exactly what information is in the file? It would be even better if someone could give a guidance on how to create such file. Thanks.

Edit: Friends at moztw.org added script hack to the website, so the above statement is no longer verifiable. But your are still welcome to investigate the image format.

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I believe the secret is not in the .png image itself but in the page somehow. I know there were workarounds for showing png transparency in IE6 but I'm not familiar with the specifics. –  Mark Ransom Nov 17 '11 at 5:18
moztw.org moztw.org/dl –  timdream Nov 17 '11 at 5:56

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That's PNG8+alpha. Explanation and examples in "PNG that works" article.

You can generate such files with pngquant (on a Mac, ImageAlpha is a GUI for it).

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