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I need geography data for new website.

Data required is

  • States (With names and standard abbreviations)
  • ZipCode (List of zip code with all available data like where zipcode belongs to)

What would be my best source to get this data?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for all answers,

Sorry i went offline for fewdays. Yes i am talking about US zipcode data.

I think postal service data most reliable I will go with that.

Other alternative mentioned has similar and in better format data. but i think going with postal service will be the best option

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try google...... – Mitch Wheat May 3 '09 at 2:46
Country is an important detail. USA, UK, etc? – acrosman May 3 '09 at 23:29
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(US assumed, "zip code" sort of implies the US 5-digit code, whereas "postal code" is the generic term)

States and their abbreviations are easy, it's on the Postal Service website. (including Guam & other parts of the US that aren't states)

Zip codes: the Postal Service would be the authority in question, but it looks like they don't offer the basic database of zipcode <-> town, other than through an interactive one-by-one lookup. They do offer street-level zipcode databases and other information for $ale. However the Census Bureau has a nearly identical set of information available. (ZCTA = ZIP Code Tabulation Areas) This has also been prepackaged more easily in a Sourceforge project (in their forum they claim this is from the Census Bureau data).

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For postal codes Maxmind Free Postalcode Database is the most comprehensive freely available list I know of.

For a list of countries with names and ISO ALPHA-3 codes see Countries or areas, codes and abbreviations.

Of course there is Wikipedia with a list and some pointers to other useful resources Wikipedia - List of Countries

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Here's a torrent that might help:

I believe it's legal since it's just geographic data that's publicly available. Also, if you're looking for an access database:

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For what country? Australia Post has a downloadable file with all the data you're after here. Seems like the sort of thing postal services in other countries would also provide.

Edit: was just listening to .NET Rocks no. 437 and Bob Beauchemin mentions most of this data is available at

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I assume you're talking about the US (if you need states and zip codes...).

The TIGER/Line data is freely available. Not sure if it includes zip codes etc, but worth a look, since it's in the public domain.

Or you can check I don't know what the exact legal status of that is though.

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