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I am trying to locate the trigger names which is using trig_tab variable. I tried the below query without the dbms_lob function and It gave me

ORA-00997: illegal use of LONG datatype


So I tried using dbms_lob.instr function but still gives me the same error.

Trigger_body field is a long datatype. Using oracle 10g database. How do I make it work.

FROM   dba_triggers a
WHERE  owner = 'BOR'
       AND table_name = 'MAP_VIEW'
       AND dbms_lob.Instr(a.trigger_body, 'mv_pkg.trig_tab') > 0
ORDER  BY status,
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Consider querying dba_source / user_source to search for occurrences of a token in the source

SELECT name,
FROM   dba_source
WHERE  owner = 'BOR'
       AND Lower(TEXT) LIKE '%trig_tab%'
ORDER  BY name; 

SELECT name,
FROM   user_source
       AND Lower(TEXT) LIKE '%trig_tab%'
ORDER  BY name; 
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Thanks a lot for the info. – Arav Nov 17 '11 at 21:40

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