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I've tried for hours to create bulk users from a text file but i cant make it work in the text file i have the following format

John Smith:Student


GECOS=$(cat $FILE | cut -d: -f1)
USRGRP=$(cat $FILE | cut -d: -f2)

groupadd -f $USRGRP

echo "type username"


It is not working, when i tried to debug the bash script i think its not reading line by line, its grabbing all the content in the fields.

Im missing a do while or while IFS or for line in users.txt. something like this but im not expert help. also should i use newusers ir just useradd

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what the heck is cat /dev/urandom supposed to do!? :-) Please add comments to your code, i.e. # descript of what this step is try to accomplish. You can skip self-documenting things like mv f f.bak. Good luck – shellter Nov 17 '11 at 4:09
You need a loop over FILE – Diego Torres Milano Nov 17 '11 at 4:12
/dev/random is like mkpassword, im using it to randomize the password and the username – anon Nov 17 '11 at 4:15
if theres only one line in the text file it works but if i have 100 lines it wont because im not reading each line, i need something like do while read each line someone give me an example – anon Nov 17 '11 at 4:19
Why not leave your questions up in case they'll help someone else? – richo Nov 18 '11 at 5:53
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i need something like do while read each line

> outFile
while read var1 var2 var3 var4 ; do
  echo $var1 $var2 $var3 >> outFile
  echo $var4 >> outFile
done < /home/knoppix/users.txt

This assumes users.txt values are separated by spaces chars and that there are 4 words per line that you want to do some processing on.

If you values are separated with something beside space chars, for example the ':' char, then you have to tell the read command what to use as in IFS (InternalFieldSep), so

> outFile
while IFS=":" read var1 var2 var3 var4 ; do
  echo $var1 $var2 $var3 >> outFile
  echo $var4 >> outFile
done < /home/knoppix/users.txt



Code that is formed like

ECOS=$(cat $FILE | cut -d: -f1)

can be reduced to

ECOS=$( cut -d: -f1 $FILE )

Also note that for each line in $FILE, you will get a value, so if there are 3 lines of text, ECOS will be ECOS="line1Val line2Val line3Val"

I hope this helps.

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i added a loop to the file but is creating unlimited accounts, how can i make the script stop when it reaches the last line, i addded.....while [ $# != EOF ]; do (some expresion) EOF ;; – user325427 Nov 17 '11 at 5:02
It's really better to update your question with your best work. Again, you're really close, but $# returns a number and will never return anything that can bey compared to EOF. Try while [ $# != 0 ] ; and that assumes that some place in your code you 'consuming' arguments that reduce the value of $#, usually with shift`. Good luck. – shellter Nov 17 '11 at 16:05

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