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I am trying to compare times and to see if it is less than a set time and if so, do something...How can this be achieved?

For example I have this so far.

$now = strtotime(date('g:i a'));
$event_time = strtotime("10:00 am");

With these two variables, how can I check if the event_time is 5 minutes BEFORE the current "now" time?


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You don't need strtotime for the current time. Timestamps are values in seconds, just do some math:

$now = time();
$event_time = strtotime("10:00 am");

if( ($now - $event_time) == (5 * 60)) // 5 minutes * 60 seconds, replace with 300 if you'd like
    // 5 minutes before

Demo - But you should use the above code for the $now variable.

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Thank you...... – user381800 Nov 17 '11 at 6:06

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