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When I set my active solution from Win32 to x64, I cannot build the project or view the properties.

When I try to build my project, it is skipped.

When I try to view the properties, the first time I try, nothing happens. The second time, I get an error message saying, "The operation could not be completed. Unspecified error".

I am running Visual Studio 2008 sp1.

The project compiles correctly on another computer. Tried solution provided @

but couldn't locate the "x64 components for Visual Studio 2008".

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If the Visual Studio edition you are using allows creating 64-bit code, you should check if the 64-bit compiler is installed.

Check this image

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VS 2008 Pro doesn't install the 64-bit compiler and tools by default. You have to explicitly select them during the installation.

Control Panel -> Uninstall Programs. Select Visual Studio and click Uninstall/Change. Wait. Wait some more. Click Next. Choose Add or Remove Features. Expand MSVC 2008 -> Language Tools -> Visual C++. Select X64 Compilers and Tools. You'll probably need your original installation media.

Once the 64-bit compiler and tools are installed, you should be able to add a 64-bit configuration to your solution.(via here)

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