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I am working on an application that takes a huge amount of resources. These resources are kept in assets. And these assets will be kept in an SD card. I would like to know if we can delete these assets implicitly when my application is uninstalled.

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If you save your files under the directory returned by Context.getExternalFilesDir (or Environment.getExternalStorageDir for API level below 8, and then put your files in /Android/data/<package_name>/files/ with respect to that directory), then the files will disappear when your app is removed. These files are also private to your app.

From the docs for getExternalStorageDir:

Applications should not directly use this top-level directory, in order to avoid polluting the user's root namespace. Any files that are private to the application should be placed in a directory returned by Context.getExternalFilesDir, which the system will take care of deleting if the application is uninstalled.

For shared files, you can use Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory. Those won't go away when your app is uninstalled.

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As far as i know, there are no functionality or functions exists for the uninstallation of application event. So you can't implement it.

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