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I want to ask if the option view the source it will display the same(original) page code from HTML(that you will open with notepad) or if is modify.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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If the DOM tree hasn't been modified by javascript code, and the page wasn't generated by a server-side application, it should be exactly the same. –  Joachim Pileborg Nov 17 '11 at 7:52

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No, its not de original source code. Firefox parses de source code before like beautifulsoup does.

You can view the original source code in linux with wget url.

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Besides that it has syntax highlighting and the urls are clickable, the view source has the original content.

So if you view source and copy the whole thing and paste it in notepad is the same result as opening the actual webpage in notepad.

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If you use FireBug, the source is modified, otherwise Firefox shows the original source

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The 'view source' will show the actual source code, as sent by the server. Formatting is left as is, but urls will be clickable and open a new window with the resource referred to.

The 'view generated source' will show the source code as currently displayed on the page, thus containing modifications to the DOM after the page was sent, usually done with Javascript.

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Yes, the HTML that you have viewed from the option view source is an original code from the main source.

And no, not all of it is been shown.

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