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I have a View class with some clickable bitmaps,in the onTouch method,i want to trigger a new activity when i have touched the bitmaps

Intent newintent = new Intent();

Since the class does not extends Activity,how can i start an activity without extending Activity? the current error is :

The method startActivity(Intent) is undefined for the type DrawView
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Provided that your MainMenu.class is an Activity and you call the startActivity() method from a View of some sort you need to add a Context from which your new Activity will be started.

In your case it would be:

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Thank you for the quick response,it worked immediately Cheers –  Ron Tan Nov 17 '11 at 8:19
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You need to have a context to do that something like this should be okay.

Declare a context for your view at the head of your class.

Context myContext = view.getContext();

And then use it to start your activity.

Intent newintent = new Intent();
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When you are initializing your View class. In the constructor you pass Context of your activity class e.g

View v = new View(context)

In you Own View class constructor. Make a reference of this context as class-level object.

public class MyView extend View{
   private Context mContext = null;

   MyView(Context context){
        mContext = context;


and when need to start a activity.

mContext. startActivity(newintent);
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You can deliver the activity which the view in the show to this view. The constructor of the view could be rewritten as:

View(Contenxt , ..)

And will use

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