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I have 4 static CSV files containing data. Each file is around 1.1 to 1.5 M each . I want to read the data from these files and let the user select which file and what information he needs from that file. Keeping in mind a performance access on Android devices, i am trying to get a better approach to read this data. I know that using a CSV reader is faster but i am confused if i should use SQLite db instead. Also I am not sure if it is a right approach to store 4 SQLite db on the phone and read from it. And ideas about the approach i should take to get the data from these 4 CSV files in a faster way using less memory and more processing speed. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Use both.

On first use of the app read the CSV files and import them to a SQLite database.

From then on query the database.

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