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I want to calculate powerset of a set. Because I don't need the whole powerset at a time, it's better to generate it lazily.

For example:

powerset (set ["a"; "b"; "c"]) =
seq {
  set [];
  set ["a"];
  set ["b"];
  set ["c"];
  set ["a"; "b"];
  set ["a"; "c"];
  set ["b"; "c"];
  set ["a";"b"; "c"];

Since the result is a sequence, I prefer it in the above order. How can I do it in an idomatic way in F#?


This is what I'm going to use (based on BLUEPIXY's answer):

let powerset s =
    let rec loop n l =
        seq {
              match n, l with
              | 0, _  -> yield []
              | _, [] -> ()
              | n, x::xs -> yield! Seq.map (fun l -> x::l) (loop (n-1) xs)
                            yield! loop n xs
    let xs = s |> Set.toList     
    seq {
        for i = 0 to List.length xs do
            for x in loop i xs -> set x

Thanks everyone for excellent input.

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let rec comb n l =
  match n, l with
  | 0, _  -> [[]]
  | _, [] -> []
  | n, x::xs -> List.map (fun l -> x ::l) (comb (n - 1) xs) @ (comb n xs)

let powerset xs = seq {
    for i = 0 to List.length xs do
      for x in comb i xs -> set x


> powerset ["a";"b";"c"] |> Seq.iter (printfn "%A");;
set []
set ["a"]
set ["b"]
set ["c"]
set ["a"; "b"]
set ["a"; "c"]
set ["b"; "c"]
set ["a"; "b"; "c"]
val it : unit = ()
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Note that you could make comb return a sequence as well, which would require less computation in certain cases if the entire powerset is not enumerated. –  kvb Nov 17 '11 at 14:57
You are right . –  BLUEPIXY Nov 17 '11 at 21:12

From F# for Scientists, slightly modified to be lazy

let rec powerset s = 
  seq {
    match s with
    | [] -> yield []
    | h::t -> for x in powerset t do yield! [x; h::x]
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This is beautiful and efficient. The only problem is incorrect order :) –  pad Nov 18 '11 at 14:02

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