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I am using the Microsoft Chart.

I have a UI to get the value for each property of this object. Then i store all these values in the DB.

Now that I have the properties from the DB I have to bind them to the corresponding properties of the Chart object.

Which is the most efficient and right way. Shall i do it using reflection or other ways.

I came to know that this class has a method that can export all the settings for the chart, including the values in an XML format. What if i can try to create an import data and properties method.

suggest the best way. I am using ASP.NET MVC 2 with C# and VS2010.


I tried to get the xml from the Chart Object calling SaveAsXml() and then used that to load it as a template and tried back to get the chart object. that does not event work.

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Better to Use jQuery Charts for better UI control and to use MS Charts for hiding data from the user.

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