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How can i change Label font properties (size, font and color) for any screen item i have ??

i found an extension that can give me some properties to play with (Pixata Custom Controls for lightswitch)

the problem with it is that i can change only data properties i cant play with the label style itself

for example if i have textbox screen item lightswitch will generate a label and a text box for me in the Pixata extension i can only manipulate the texbox but not the label

so what is the best way to manipulate font properties in general and label font properties in particular?

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i did not pay attention to that, thanks :) – 3oon Nov 17 '11 at 9:41

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I found the answer from BethMassi in her awesome blog which was as follow

You can select the style in the properties window for the control on the screen designer. Controls support basic Normal, Warning, Heading 1, etc. styles. If you want to change all colors, fonts, etc. then you need to create or download a theme. If you just want a single control to show in a different font/color then you can create a custom control.

thanks a lot beth Thanks Everyone :) 3oon

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