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This is how I get a Hibernate Session and create query.

HSession.getSession().createQuery("query here").executeUpdate();


Critaria cr=HSession.getSession().createCritaria(..).. ;

HSession is where my Session factory is located and getSession() method returns a new session


I want to know whether

  • After calling cr.list(); Is the session is still alive?
  • If alive, getting this criteria or executing a query way is not good? and
  • Creating a Session as

    Session s=HSession.getSession();

    Is the way to use the session and close it using s.close(); ?

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Yes, the session will be alive until you close it. You can perform multiple operations against a session, but only close() will close it.

In your case, it looks like the sessions are controlled by whatever HSession is. You'll need to look at that to see if any transactions are performed, how the sessions are managed, etc.

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Thank you for your info – Débora Nov 17 '11 at 10:22

I read about this today ... it said "A Session is opened when getCurrentSession() is called for the first time and closed when the transaction ends." So according to this: If you have a transaction wrapped around it (and you should have i guess) and call transaction.commit() ... the session is closed.
In your case it should still be open.

Please correct me if I'm wrong with this ... ! :)

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