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i have php5.2.9 +mysql5.1+apache2.2.6 installed on win xp. I'm not able get php connect with mysql. here is the code.`

<? php 

echo "fail"; 

else echo "success"; 


i don't think there is any error in code. phpinfo is showing mysql support so it cant be installation issue. iam jst not able get the prob. whenever i run this script i just get a blank screen. please help. iam new in php .

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Is the space in <?php really intended? If so, remove it. – Gumbo May 3 '09 at 6:53

Let MySQL tell you what the error is...


if(!$link) { echo "fail "; echo 'and the error message is: '.mysql_error(); } else { echo "success"; mysql_close($link); }

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Did you create users/grant rights in the database as well? In any case, connecting as root is not really a good idea.

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