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Q1. Which would be the best resource or tutorial to setup a simple WPF Organization Chart or Tree for an organization object (self referencing).I would like to have a button when clicked which would show an organization chart (hierarchical) tree of the various departments and sub-department.I'm looking for a base to start code + control.

Q2.Are there any report software like Crystal Report or WPF that could render something like that?

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You could take a look at Family.Show which has a very nice genealogical diagram. It's not an out of the box solution for making an organizational chart, but it's a good example how to do it. The source code is available on CodePlex.

alt text

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Based on the Family.Show code ActiveDirectory.Show(archive.msdn.microsoft.com/activedirectoryshow) –  Dale Athanasias Nov 6 '11 at 7:30

A few years late but, Infragistics has an org chart WPF control as well.

Infragistics Org Chart

enter image description here

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