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I'm looking for the best approach to achieve SPNEGO/Kerberos login for a spring-security application on Tomcat and Windows. Candidates i've looked at:

I wasn't super-impressed by Waffle and mod_auth_sspi only seems to support NTLMv1 so that is out. I do see a value in fronting with an Apache httpd so that seems like a good approach. How well does that play with spring-security though, I wonder. Who has done this? Which is the best/most stable approach?

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Maybe that will give a hint for you... A while ago I was also looking for Tomcat+SPNEGO solution and ended with these notes. Perhaps you'll find something useful there. – dma_k May 16 '14 at 22:24
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Don't do any overhead. Use the Spring SEC Extension. That one works quite well on our environment for more than a year. Though it has the potention for some improvement.

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