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This § of the Symfony2 documentation shows an awesome technique for customizing an individual field. I'm using it a lot but there is one particular Type for which I'm having a hard time doing the customization : the CollectionType() Customizing the collection itself is quite easy, you can do something like this:

{% block _mynamespace_mybundle_mytype_mycollectionfield_row %}
{% if prototype is defined %}
    {% set attr = attr|merge({'data-prototype': form_widget(prototype) }) %}
{% endif %}
{% spaceless %}
    <ul {{ block('widget_container_attributes') }}>
        {% spaceless %}
            {{ form_errors(form) }}
            {% for child in form %}
            {% endfor %}
        {% endspaceless %}
        {{ form_rest(form) }}
{% endspaceless %}
{% endblock %}

But how can you customize each element of the collection ? And how can you customize the data-prototype using Twig (the data-prototype is a special attribute used to add new items with js)?

I tried doing something like this (for the data-prototype):

{% block _mynamespace_mybundle_mytype_mycollectionfield_$$name$$_row %}
customization ok!
{% endblock %}

But I get errors, because I don't know how to escape the $

Regarding the items, I tried many things:

{% block _mynamespace_mybundle_mytype_mycollectionfield_item_subfield_row %}
customization ok!
{% endblock %}

{% block _mynamespace_mybundle_mytype_mycollectionfield_element_subfield_row %}
customization ok!
{% endblock %}

None of them work.

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What do you mean with customizing the data-prototype using Twig? –  Kristian Zondervan Nov 17 '11 at 9:41
I updated my answer –  greg0ire Nov 17 '11 at 9:44

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I asked the question in symfony's bug tracker, and it seems there is no solution, but a good workaround is creating a custom type for each subfield you want to customize. See this issue

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