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I am trying to execute an CAML query based on a conditional if statement. So if a variable in this case "xapthresult" is equal to "BT ADSL" then query will be executed. Below is a snippet of the code:

//Executing the correct query based on a if condition for BT ADSL
if(xpathresult == "BT ADSL")

//Creating the CAML query to perfomr the query on the list to find the required values
SPQuery query = new SPQuery();

//try to find items in this list that matches the result of the XPATH query performed
//in this case "BT/Standard"
string camlquery = @"<Query>
<FieldRef Name='Vendor_x0020_Product_x0020_Name'/>
<Value Type='Text'>" + xpathresultBTADSL + @"</Value>

query.Query = camlquery;
query.ViewFields = "<FieldRef Name='Fabric_x0020_Name'/>
<FieldRefName='Defined_x0020_For/><FieldRef name='MPLS'/>"; 
//selecting only the required fields from the CAML query

SPListItemCollection listItemCollection = list.GetItems(query);


I would like to know how to display results of the query in a of a webpart!

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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you could use the SPGridView control.

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