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I have 3 different activities in a TabGroupActivity. Let's say A - Parent, B - Child 1, C - Child 2.

A --- starts --> B B --- starts --> C

and I have an alert dialog in C which shows some message. I want to go back to activity A when I press Ok button on dialog.

But the problem is that I can open activity C from other activities too and I want to go back to their parent activities too. So I need to make something which will work no matter which activity opens C. I've tries with this one but didn't work :

Intent intent = new Intent(Synchronization.this,Synchronization.this.getParent().getClass());  

but it didn't help me. Any suggestions?

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You just have to make use of two Activity methods viz. startActivityForResult() and onActivityResult()

Example : http://www.vogella.de/articles/AndroidIntent/article.html#explicitintents

Here goes the logic :

In ActivityB

Start ActivityC by using startActivityForResult(activityCIntent,INT_CODE);

In ActivityC

Now check if Dialog's OK Button is pressed, if yes then set the result using setResult(RESULT_OK,intent); and then call finish();

Then control will be redirected to ActivityB's onActivityResult() method. Now inside onActivityMethod() check whether result_code==RESULT_OK and requestCode = INT_CODE. If yes then simply call finish();

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what is the difference between both the methods? –  Shaireen Nov 17 '11 at 10:06
startActivityForResult() is used to start any other Explicit Intent and receive the results from the Intent that it started. onActivityResult() is responsible for getting the data from the started Explicit Intent. –  Kartik Nov 17 '11 at 10:19

In the Activity B start the C Activity as startActivityForResult() so when you finish the C activity it will back to the B with result. As the result you may pass flag with the intent object.

Now when you finish the C activity with ok button then set the result as RESULT_OK into the setResult() if you need to pass the data back to the B activity you may set the data into the Intent add this intent with the setResult() method and then finish the C Activity.

Now in B check the requestcode is from the C then finish this Activity. As you start this C Activity you can also start the B Activity for the A Activity.

And you need to override onActivityResult() in B activity and if you start the B Activity as for result then also you need to define also into A Activity

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