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I'm having hard time with Xcode 4.2 (Build 4C199) changing some of my XIBs on every build:

  1. only some XIBs get changed, i.e. some (not all) XIBs localized for English;
  2. the only change inside is new ref and id values for IBUIFontDescription, it goes like that:

- <reference key="IBUIFontDescription" ref="341344726"/>
+ <reference key="IBUIFontDescription" ref="569996084"/>


- <object class="IBUIFontDescription" key="IBUIFontDescription" id="272245591">
+ <object class="IBUIFontDescription" key="IBUIFontDescription" id="509661802">

Well, I use ibtool to make the localization based on strings files, but ibtool does not output any warning/info while creating a localized version of XIB based on original XIB and language specific strings file… Here's what does my localization script:

ibtool --generate-strings-file Resources/Common/German.lproj/NIB_Localization/View.strings Resources/XIBs/German.lproj/View.xib
ibtool --strings-file Resources/Common/English.lproj/NIB_Localization/View.strings --write Resources/XIBs/English.lproj/View.xib Resources/XIBs/German.lproj/View.xib

What I've already tried:

  • cleaning Applications directory for every Simulator version installed;
  • deleting all derived data for all applications;
  • cleaning the project and rebuilding it...

Any ideas?

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Damn, the issue persists after updating to OS X Lion and Xcode 4.2.1... –  matm Jan 3 '12 at 16:46

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I did 2 things:

  1. In Finder I deleted the XIBs that got changed all the time (note again: not in Xcode!).
  2. The base versions of that XIBs (base localization that ibtools uses) I correctly set XIB deployment and development targets.

... and it worked :) However it still remains a mystery for me, that upgrading to Xcode 4 could cause that issue.

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